A lot of people think that world-class peformers have special genes, that they are just born with talent, but recent research proves that this isn't true. Certainly some people are born with interests or they develop a passion for something as they grow, such as a passion for music, sports or academics, but in order to become a world-class musician, athlete or scientist, you must put in a lot of time and practice. In fact, you need to put in something called deliberate practice over many, many years. In this episode, you will learn more about this as I talk about Geoff Colvin's book "Talent is Overrated". Once you hear this podcast, you won't be able to complain that you don't have the language gene or the music gene or the sports gene; you will know what it takes to become an expert in anything. If you like this podcast, please leave me a positive review on iTunes. Also, you can get the Lesson Guide on the website at www.englishfluencynow.com -- Thanks and enjoy!

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In this episode, I tell you about the importance of working with a coach to achieve success. Successful business people, athletes, scientists, authors and actors all use coaches and mentors to help guide them to success. To achieve high levels of fluency in English, it is beneficial to work with an English coach (tutor, mentor or teacher). However, finding the right coach is just the first step. There are many things that you, as the student/client must do to make sure you use your time (and money) wisely to get the most out of your time with your coach. In this episode, you will learn specific things you must do to work successfully with an English coach. I wish you success in reaching your English fluency goals. To get the Lesson Guide that goes along with this episode, go to the website www.englishfluencynow.com. 

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In this episode, I tell you about my recent trip from Seattle (SEATAC) to Oakland (OAK) by plane. By listening to my story, you will learn a lot of useful vocabulary related to traveling by plane, plus you will understand the grammar more intuitively (if you pay attention). You will hear how I use a lot of different phrasal verbs while telling the story. As always, you can get the Lesson Guide for this episode online at the website at www.englishfluencynow.com if you would like to read along with the transcript. Listening is really important for improving your English fluency and listening to EFN podcast episodes is a great way to prepare for English exams, such as IELTS and TOEFL. If you like this podcast, please leave a 5-star review for me on iTunes - this helps the rankings, which helps more people find it. I also appreciate active participation, so make sure you comment on the blog page or on the Facebook page for English Fluency Now. Using your English in a real way is the best way to get you motivated to communicate in English. Finally, repetition is key, so remember to listen to the podcast a few times for deeper learning of vocabulary and expressions. 

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