Talking about your day is a very common thing you need to be able to do in English. Why? Because people ask you all the time things like: What did you do today? What did you do this weekend? What did you have for dinner last night? When do you go to work? Being able to speak with ease and confidence about your daily routine is a great skill. In this episode, I help you learn how to use some of the most common phrasal verbs that are used to describe the actions you do all day long. As you listen to me describe one of my typical days, you will learn how to talk about the things you do throughout the day, in the morning, at work, in the afternoon, and in the evening. If you want to learn more about this topic and be able to read along with the entire transcript, get the Lesson Guide on my website at If you like my podcasts, it'd be great if you could leave me a 5-star review on iTunes and elsewhere, as that helps other English learners find this podcast and use it to improve their English. I really appreciate the love and support that I get from my listeners and students. Thank you!! 

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A New Year is here and it is a time to make New Year's Resolutions and set some goals for yourself, or is it? Is this a truly effective way to get things done? Is it even necessary? In this episode, I discuss the pros and cons of setting goals. I discuss how goals can help motivate you to get a desired result and discuss Matt Stone's book "Goals Suck: Why the Obsessions with Goal-Setting is a Flawed Approach to Productivity and Life in General". Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself whether or not you will be setting goals for the new year. I hope you enjoy the podcast and find it useful. The Lesson Guide is available at 

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Topic: Renting an Apartment. This podcast is for intermediate and advanced learners of English. Lesson Guides are available at If you find this podcast helpful, and you'd like to help more people find it, please take a minute to give me a positive review on iTunes. I'd really appreciate it. You can also donate on the website. Thanks!

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