In this episode, I talk about the book The Art of Being Unreasonable: Lessons in Unconventional Thinking by Eli Broad. Eli Broad is a successful businessman and in this book, he discusses his own evolution and how he has been able to accomplish so much in his life. -- Description from the book: The Art of Being Unreasonable shares the unreasonable principles—from negotiating to risk-taking, from investing to hiring—that have made Eli Broad a success. From understanding "the value of being second" to embracing the thrill of taking a risk, Broad shares the insights and practices that have propelled him to the top. The book explains how to ask unreasonable questions, pursue the untried, relentlessly revise expectations upward, be restless, and most important, seek out the best in everything—the best values, the best investments, the best people—and the best in yourself. If you're stuck doing what reasonable people do—and not getting anywhere—it's time to get unreasonable, and see how far your next endeavor can go. -- The Lesson Guide for this episode is available at


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