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English Fluency Now Podcast

The English Fluency Now podcast is for the serious English learner who wants to listen to real English in order to master the English language. Each episode discusses a topic in depth, so you can learn useful words and phrases that native speakers use. Listen to it over and over again until you completely understand it. Repetition is key!

Feb 10, 2015

In this episode, I tell you about the importance of working with a coach to achieve success. Successful business people, athletes, scientists, authors and actors all use coaches and mentors to help guide them to success. To achieve high levels of fluency in English, it is beneficial to work with an English coach (tutor, mentor or teacher). However, finding the right coach is just the first step. There are many things that you, as the student/client must do to make sure you use your time (and money) wisely to get the most out of your time with your coach. In this episode, you will learn specific things you must do to work successfully with an English coach. I wish you success in reaching your English fluency goals. To get the Lesson Guide that goes along with this episode, go to the website