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English Fluency Now Podcast

The English Fluency Now podcast is for the serious English learner who wants to listen to real English in order to master the English language. Each episode discusses a topic in depth, so you can learn useful words and phrases that native speakers use. Listen to it over and over again until you completely understand it. Repetition is key!

Jan 10, 2016

In episode 62, I talk about my trip to a dude ranch in Mexico. You will learn about what a dude ranch is, what you can do there and a bit about the history of the dude ranch. This episode is full of great descriptive words that you can use in your own conversations when describing places and destination spots. Listen to the podcast to learn more about this beautiful area of Mexico and this fun way to spend your time riding horses and getting to know a rural area. You can also purchase the Lesson Guide for this episode online at my website Thanks for listening! If you liked the episode, please leave a 5-star review on iTunes. The more people who leave positive reviews, the easier it is for others to find it and use it to improve their English! Yeah!